Database Design for Paddington Development Trust

Database Design for Paddington Development Trust

I project managed the creation of a contacts database for Paddington Development Trust. The database was designed to hold contact details for residents in the neighborhood. It also holds details of other types of contacts such as contractors and consultants.

Since its creation, I have worked as the database maintainer creating additional functionality when needed and providing technical support and training. I created separate versions of the database for different areas of Paddington including Westbourne Park, Church Street and Queens Park.

The key features of the database are:

  • Holding detail information on residents
  • Ability to filter or group residents according to area, type or category
  • Ability to create mail merges or send group emails to filtered groups of contacts

They recently asked me to merge their databases back into one central database. This is stored on a remote server which they are able to access from different office locations.

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