World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) - Membership Database

World Fair Trade Organisation - Membership Database

I project managed the creation of a membership database for WFTO in 2004. Since that time I have taken over as the database developer and maintainer. I work to add new functionality when needed as well as maintaining it up to the present date. Originally the WFTO had it's headquarters in Oxford, but a few years ago they moved to the Netherlands. I still continue to act as the maintainer working on a remote basis.

The WFTO database is a large database with a lot of different functionality. It's key features include:

  • Storing details on all it's members
  • Details of when membership expires and needs to be renewed
  • Membership payments made and membership payments due.
  • It also handles currency conversion (as WFTO is an international organisation with members from around the world).
  • It performs batch invoice and reciept generation 
  • It holds details of any communication made with members
  • It stores a directory of information which is used on the WFTO website