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Macguys asked me to build a new website for their company. They are London based specialists who repair Apple Mac products and have a shop in Tooting Bec. They wanted me to design a website which would be stylish and promote their business as well as giving information on all the different services they provide.

I created a website that shared some of the original Apple website styles to identify them with the Apple brand. I kept the design simple that clearly showed the main services they were offering on the homepage and used a menu system which made it easy to find services and information.

I used the Drupal content management system to create the website. This means they are easily able to update the whole website themselves.

Macguys also asked me to optimize their website for search engines. I carried out the search engine optimization by:

  • Ensuring all pages had good and relevant content
  • Making sure site links, menu items, page titles, page headings and page addresses all included keywords and phrases
  • Updating the meta description and keyword tags to include relevant information
  • Adding Google Analytics so the business could track statistics on the website popularity
  • Submitting the website to the major search engines
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