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The Parents of St Boniface Community Website

I created a website for the parents of St Boniface primary school in London.Read more

I created a website for the parents of St Boniface primary school in London. The school already had an official website but this website was aimed at the parents to create a place where they could discuss issues online, be updated about school events and news as well as other items. The website is managed by the school parents society called The Friends of St Boniface.

The website has several main elements:

  • Providing news items
  • Information on events with a calendar
  • Different forums for parents to talk online
  • A resources page with links to educational websites
  • A section for commitee members to privately discuss events
  • General useful school information
  • The ability for members to comment on events and news items

Future capabilities are proposed including:

  • Services section - where parents can advertise businesses or services they provide
  • Classifieds section - where parents can advertise items they wish to give away or need

The aim of the website was to create an online community for the school, in particular, being aimed at parents who didn't often come into the school, so they could be more fully informed. And also to promote school events to help raise money for the school.

Parts of the website are public and parts are restricted to members only. Members are able to view and contribute to the forums, view and add comments, add useful educational website links and view each other's profiles. Non-members are able to see the rest of the website including all the resource links and event and news items.

One section of the website is restricted to commmitee members only which they can use to access private documents and discuss topics in a private area.

The website was created using the Drupal content management system. It includes alerts for moderators when new users register or when new content is added to the site.

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