The Institute for Neuroacanthocytosis Database Design

Neuroacanthocytosis Database Design

The Institute for Neuroacanthocytosis were in need of a contacts database. They were using Outlook to manage all their contacts and were needing a more comprehensive system to manage and track their contacts. As well as needing a list of contacts they wanted to filter contacts into different groups, execute mail merges with Word and email to groups of contacts, track donations from contacts and have the ability to run different reports on their contacts.

We agreed a specification for the database design with a price to meet their budget. I created a bespoke Microsoft Access database that allowed them to:

  • Manage all their contacts
  • Categorize all their contacts into different groupings
  • Perform Word and email mail merges with selected groups of contacts
  • Track donations from contacts
  • Export financial data to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Run various reports on their contacts

When the database was finished I installed it at their offices and provided a training session. When they first started using it I was on hand to troubleshoot any difficulties they had and answer any questions from them.