Email Campaigns

Many organisations now want to send out professional looking e-mails to their contacts or clients. The e-mail layout and design looks more professional if it resembles the website design and so matches the organisation's branding and style.

This can be achieved by sending out HTML formatted e-mails. HTML formatted e-mails are particularly important when sending out mass contact e-mails for marketing campaigns, publicity email, such as for an event, general updates or newsletters.

The best way of sending out mass e-mails using an HTML format is to use an e-mail service such as those provided by Campaign MonitorMailChimpVertical Response and others.

These services have the advantage of being able to personalise individual e-mails as well as tracking how many people open the e-mails. They also include unsubscribe links and the ability to set up forms for recipients to fill out, for instance to register for an event.

I provide a service to help design the e-mail templates which can be used over and over again with the e-mail service providers. Once you have templates set up, you can use these to send out further campaigns without any further help. I can also help to manage and send out your campaigns if required.