This was a website design project for Ehlers-Danlos. Ehlers-Danlos are a UK charity raising money, awareness and providing information and support to people with the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. 

They were half way through a website re-development project when they asked me to take it over. Most of the design had been done, but there was still alot of development left to do as well as more design updates. 

Family Rights Group asked me to help them to design a new website. They had chosen to use the Joomla content management system, as this would best help them manage the content of their website.

They wanted to create a new website that would:

Christians Abroad is a charity based in London enabling Christian volunteers to work abroad. They initially had their website designed by another company who had designed the website using the Joomla content management system. I have since taken over the support and development of the site.

DeafPlus asked me to upgrade their existing website.  They wanted to implement a new design and add various functionality and features to the website. Their website was built using the open source Joomla content management system.

I carried out various tasks for them including:

Some people are put off by the phrase “content management system” or “CMS”. These may be unfamiliar terms. However, these days, the majority of new websites are built using some kind of content management system. 

The basic feature of a content management system is that it allows staff to update the website in a simple and intuitive way without having to get involved in any of the code.  It provides a way to manage the content of the website.