CRASH Online Application Form

CRASH Online Application Website

CRASH are a charity working for the homeless in the construction industry. They needed to have a rigurous application process for organisations applying for funding. The application process needed to:

  • Capture and keep records of all the applicants and their details
  • Allow applicants to create their own accounts
  • Allow applicants to save their application without submitting, and then come back to continue their application later on
  • Upload multiple images and store data of different types
  • Provide a record of the data to the applicants and to the administrators
  • Provide an intuitive and simple interface

The online application website was built using Drupal 10. Drupal 10 allowed the website to be built in a short timeframe and meeting all the project requirements. The website itself needed to be styled in the same way as the main CRASH website. This project was to replace the existing application process to make it even more user friendly. 

February 2023