Kane and Ross Website Design

Kane and Ross Website Design

Kane and Ross are a Harley Street Osteopaths. I have been working with them for several years updating their existing site. For this project, they asked me to create a new website for them which would give the site a contemporary design and effectively present all their services. 

The website was created as a static website as it did not need to be updated frequently. Many different elements were used to make the site attractive including slideshows, videos and lots of images. 

The website clearly displays all their services with detailed information about the practitioners who work there. 

The site was built to help enhance their search engine optimisation, and for displaying properly on mobiles. 

The Jekyll static site generator was used to develop the site. Having a static website instead of a content management system means that you do not need to upgrade the site and it is very difficult to hack into.

May 2017
Kane and Ross