Fabian Society Membership Database

Fabian Society Membership Database

The Fabian Society are a political membership organisation found in the 19th century. The asked me to build a new membership database for them. They needed a database that would hold details of all their members and contacts as well as holding membership information. This would include information on renewal dates, payments, bank account details and many other details. 

The key features of the database were:

  • To have a unified contacts and membership database (originally they had a database for each of these)
  • To be able to filter contacts or members based on different critera such as the contact type or region
  • To be able to perform various membership functions such as finding those who were due for renewal, printing standard letters, etc
  • To be able to do group emails and mail merges for filtered lists of contacts and members
  • To run various reports
  • To import data from their original databases into the new Microsoft Access database

I did the database design using Microsoft Access. I designed it to make it as straightforward as possible to use with a neat and logical layout. When it was finished the database met all their requirements and I worked through any issues that arose once I had installed it. I also ran a training session on how to use the database for the staff.

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